Internet Bandwidth

NEED BANDWIDTH? ePath is the answer for your business.

Increase your internet speed with Callis Communications’ ePath solution. ePath is an ethernet solution that brings you flexible, reliable, scalable and cost effective internet access as well as fast internet speed. ePath’s impact is to maximizes the performance of your IP-based voice and data services and supports your dynamic organization’s network needs. Focus on your core business and let Callis’ ePath transport your information.


Maximum Performance
Scalable, dedicated, high speed bandwidth options ranging from 2 Meg to 30 Meg to support applications including image & file transfer, videoconferencing, distance learning, collaboration, real-time video streaming, storage area network and disaster recovery.

Lower Costs
Get more, pay less. More bandwidth at a significantly lower cost per meg than a T1 solution.

Secure, Reliable & Redundant Network
Security and continuity are guaranteed, plus 24x7 service level and network monitoring. Network design that maximizes redundancy with no single IP point of failure.

Fast & Seamless Transition
Installation and implementation is completed in less than two weeks with no interruption to your business.

Future Plans
Allows for greater efficiency and productivity to keep up with your company’s changing needs and demands.

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